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Eco-Fabulous Skin Savior Balm

For those of you who read my little blog regularly, you already know that I’m a big fan of Birchbox and also a subscriber (see February Birchbox post). That’s why I’m really excited about their blog post about One Love Organics! It looks like this organic company will have their products featured in this month’s Birchbox,and I really hope I get one in my box! I’ve never used their products before, but their company philosophy sounds absolutely perfect:

"One Love Organics is a natural, ethical and environmentally driven cosmetics company created by skilled cosmetic artisans. Our products are hand-made and hand-filled, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to ensure the most effective, luxurious and guilt-free application."

Read more of Birchbox’s post to learn about their Skin Savior balm! There are just so many new organic products out there once you do a little seatching, I don’t even know which ones I want to save up for! I supposed this is a good problem to have though. More organic options are always better. =)


We’re gearing up to ship our March Birchboxes, and I’m especially excited because we’re debuting a ton of new brands, including One Love Organics. I’ve been a huge fan of One Love Organics since I first discovered the skincare brand last summer. I love their well-edited line, which features ultra-concentrated, ultra-natural formulas. The product that hooked me was their Skin Savior balm, a serious multitasking breakthrough. Click through to learn why I love it and you will too!

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